Text from your PC or
Android Tablet using your
current Android phone #

How it works

You are seconds away from texting from any browser using your current Andoid phone #!

Install the app

Install the Yappy app on your phone

Access the website

To receive & send text messages, log on to the website


Electrify your texting!

Text from PC/Tablet

Send & receive text messages from any browser using your current Android phone #

Instant Notifications

Receive immediate notification on your PC, tablet, latprop, etc.. when you receive a text on your phone.

Conserve Battery

Since you don't have to turn your phone screen on, you save battery power.

Text Analytics

Who do you text the most? Are you a happy or negative texter? Analyse your texting habits with built in analytics/linguistics/sentiment analysis!

Save time

By using a PC and keyboard you can quickly view and reply to your messages.

Safe & Secure

Get peace of mind knowing your data is safe and securing using 128 bit encryption, is stored on dedicated servers, and is never transmitted over the Google Cloud Messaging infrastucture.

How It Works

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